Early Harvest Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is made from pressing the Koroneiki variety of olives while they are still green rather than at a later, more ripened stage like regular olive oil. The result is an exquisute oil, naturally higher in polyphenols than oils pressed from black olives. With a characteristic green colour, and a spicy aroma.

What sets this oil apart is the rich and characteristic aroma and the true olive taste. Early harvest olive oil, the most precious juice of the olive tree, is available for only a few months a year. It's pressed from the "Koroneiki" variety of olives located in the Taygetus Mountain range in the Peloponese. The olives are collected while they are still green, which results in a fresh, fruity olive oil with a peppery note that's perfect on grilled meats, fish and vegetables, as well as salads and pasta.

Flavor notes of grass, green leaf, pungent, astringent are used to describe early harvest oils.
High In Antioxidants.

This oil is produced according to International Standards and Regulations of Organic Farming (2092/Eu) under The Supervision of "Dio" and "Bio Hellas", Certified Inspection Agencies for organic products in Greece.

No chemicals or fertilizers are used during the growing process, or the pressing of the olives.

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